Got Questions?

If you’ve every tried to build an apologetics website, then you know it takes a while. As I work to build our pool of articles on as many topics as possible, I may not hit something that you are wondering about. So, if you have a question about anything concerning the Bible, Christianity or other religions, the existence of God or whatever, then please ask below.

All reasonable questions are accepted and we will do everything in our power to respond with a helpful answer.

Our philosophy is there are no stupid questions, it’s just that everbody’s stupid. Some are less stupid than others, so they try to figure stuff out for the really stupid ones. Now wait, I don’t claim to be any less stupid than anybody, but I read a lot of stuff written by people who are barely stupid at all. In fact, they’re pretty smart. So, if I don’t have an answer then I’ll see if they do.

O.K. so that was way too long of an explanation. Hopefully, you still remember your question. Ask away. Who knows, you could be chosen to be our Question of the Month!


For longer or more personal questions you may send it via email to

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