Who Says Jesus Existed?

Flavius JosephusOne of the more popular accusations brought against Biblical Christianity is that there are no historical sources outside of the Bible that confirm the truth of the Biblical story of Jesus of Nazareth. Many people simply deny the accuracy of the New Testament in details of the life of Jesus, but appreciate the “main ideas.” Others boldly deny that He existed at all. But, is the Bible the only place we find the story of Jesus, or are there sources outside of the Bible to back up what the Bible says.

In other words, besides the Bible, who says Jesus existed?

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Interview with Darrell Bock

Every time Darrell Bock opens his mouth something smart falls out.

Dr. Bock (for all the Trekkies out there) is the Research Professor of New Testament Studies and Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture at Dallas Theological Seminary. He has more credentials than I have time to list.

Here are four videos from an interview in which Bock discusses a number of issues concerning the many misunderstandings about Christ and the Bible.

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