All about Ida


Who (or what) is Ida? And, what’s the big fuss?

The History Channel advertized a special about Ida running the punch line, “This changes everything.” That statement pretty much sums up the attitude behind all the hype. That’s how big they think this is.But, the thing is, if Ida ‘changes everything’ then what was Darwinian evolution before Ida? Evolutionists have treated their ideas as settled fact for decades. Ida should only confirm what they say has already been proven. But, the Darwiniam mainstream is acting as if now they’ve really got something. Now they really have it settled. Now they can relax.

This ought to show us something – how insecure Darwinianism really is despite being hailed as fact. And, because the theory is insecure, the theorists are insecure as well. The Christian, on the other hand, can rest assure that what’s found inside of a rock cannot destroy the Rock of our faith.

I, in no way, claim to have expertise in this field (or pretty much any other field for that matter). So, I defer to all the scientists who do have that expertise. Here are some of the many helpful articles I’ve found that are all about Ida.

From Answers in Genesis:

From Apologetics Press:

From the Institute for Creation Research:

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2 thoughts on “All about Ida

  1. You’re behind the times. The hype for Ida is gone, and was really only spawned by a few excited scientists and the media’s inability to report on anything scientific correctly.

    Ardi is the big news now. And much more interesting and important than Ida.

    • You’re right. I was a little late with the “Ida” post. But, better late than never, I guess.
      Anyways, as for Ardi, here’s a post for him…her…uh…here’s a post for Ardi. 🙂
      We’ll see how long Ardi’s hype lasts.

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